My work

This page features some examples of things that I have done or been involved with.


From November 2010 to August 2012, I was a member of the Voices for the Library campaign group. The group promotes the value of the UK's public libraries by giving a voice to library users, library staff, and anyone else who loves libraries.

As part of Voices for the Library, I was involved in:

 - Representing the group on local BBC radio stations and in local print media. 

 - Campaigning for North Yorkshire's libraries.
 - Helping to run a stall at Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts 2011. Photos here courtesy of Lauren Smith.


'Social cataloguing: a discussion on LibraryThing and Goodreads' in Catalogue and Index, no. 171.

'Five go to Chicago' in CILIP Update, November 2012.

'Lost in Paradise: the Total Library as mirror of reality' in Panlibus, no. 22, pp. 14-15.

'The Man Who Described the Universe' for the British Wittgenstein Society, July 2011.

'Google can't be trusted with our books' on The Guardian's Comment is Free, 26 April 2011.

'Why we need a UK National Digital Library' in CILIP Update, March 2011, pp. 34-35.

'A social-networking success story' on ORG Zine, 9 February 2011.

'Borrowing ebooks beyond a library's walls' on The Guardian's Comment is Free, 7 November 2010.

Short stories:
'Foreword to Volume 421' in Perigee: Publication for the Arts, no. 28.

'Eduard Aster and the Möbius Play' in blankpages, no. 21, pp. 22-25.

'Last Orders' in First Edition Magazine, no. 10, pp. 45-52.

'Body Search' in New Scientist, no. 2739, p. 77. Winner of the New Scientist Flash Fiction Competition 2009.

'Achieving consilience through the Memex: an investigation into the future of digital libraries' submitted as part of MA Library and Information Management at Manchester Metropolitan University, September 2010.

'The end of intuition-based philosophy: an investigation into philosophical method' submitted as part of BA (Hons) Philosophy at The University of Manchester, April 2009.


July 2013 - Presented paper entitled 'Rise of the cyborgs: the growth of librarian-IT hybrids' at CILIP's Umbrella Conference 2013 at The University of Manchester. The presentation is below:

April 2013 - Presented on 'Digital librarianship' at the BIALL / CLSIG / SLA Europe Graduate Trainee Open Day at CILIP HQ, London. The presentation is below:

March 2013 - Co-presented '60 apps and sites in 60 minutes' with Anneli Sarkanen as an SLA Europe event at the City Business Library, London. The presentation is below:

September 2012 - Presented paper entitled 'The fundamental interconnectedness of all things: the impact of networked knowledge systems on cataloguing' at the CILIP Cataloguing and Indexing Group Conference 2012. The presentation is below:

June 2012 - Presented lecture entitled 'E-resources for Dummies' at the first event of the Manchester New Library Professionals Network. The presentation is below:

May 2012 - Co-presented a workshop on media and communications for libraries with Ian Anstice entitled 'Making our Voices Heard' at the CILIP in Wales Conference 2012. The presentation is below:

May 2012 - Co-presented a workshop on e-resource work in library and information services with Abigail Barker entitled 'Have you tried logging out and then in again' at the CILIP New Professionals Day 2012. The presentation is below:

November 2011 - Presented lecture entitled 'Voices for the Library and the campaign for public libraries' to Manchester Metropolitan University librarianship students. The presentation is below:

June 2011 - Co-presented a workshop with Alice Halsey entitled 'Getting involved: activism for new professionals' at the CILIP Career Development Group New Professionals Conference 2011. Photos here courtesy of Sarah Ison.

May 2011 - Presented lecture entitled 'The Tragedy of the Mundaneum' at the CILIP Library and Information History Group Conference 2011. The presentation is below and the script is available here.