Monday, 21 June 2010

"The Wiki Basket."

One of the projects for my Masters course was the creation of a blog. I made one about wikis focusing on their use in library and information services. This coursework has now been assessed and marked so I see no harm in opening up The Wiki Basket to the unwashed masses.
I’ve had an idea for a wiki-related project in my new job. There’s a large amount of military information and history that we maintain and update in print form only: this means a lot of printing pages off the Internet, clipping out news stories, and adding them to folders. The information would be a lot more manageable and self-regulating in digital format and the ideal form is a wiki. If – big if – this project comes to fruition, I’ll be blogging about it at The Wiki Basket.
(Apologies to thewikiman for making a poor variation on his blog title.)

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