Tuesday, 8 December 2009

"Further Fulfillment."

I’m extremely happy to announce that later this month one of my short stories will be published in New Scientist magazine. New Scientist has a worldwide circulation of approximately 170,000 people so I’m rather excited.

A few months ago, I came across New Scientist’s flash fiction competition requiring entrants to write a 350 word piece of ‘flash fiction’ on the subject of life one hundred years from now. I spent about an hour sitting over my keyboard while my head buzzed with robot overlords, time travellers, massive religious revivals, cults, sects, hoverboots, hoverboards, Higgs bosons, and technological singularities. It became apparent that all of these topics were too big for 350 words, too overblown, too clichéd, and too boring. So I settled on a topic I’d been contemplating at the time: internet search. I wrote a concise, experimental little piece summing up a single speculation about the future of search. Apparently Stephen Baxter and the other judges enjoyed it: my piece, along with two others, won the competition.

New Scientist is on the shelves from December to January. The winning stories are available to read here: Flash fiction competition winners

My other recent publication has seen some trouble. First Edition #10 was supposed to be on the shelves in mid-November. A combination of factors has led to an epic delay in the printing. However the issue is now ready and can be ordered online at http://www.firsteditionpublishing.co.uk/. Eventually it will be available in WHSmith (but sadly not Borders which incidentally has massive sales on if you want to go pick over the corpse while it’s still fresh).


theMuddledMarketPlace said...

might have to buy a copy of the New Scientist then


theatregrad said...

Congratulations! I shall look out for it in New Scientist.