Thursday, 29 October 2009

"On the Fulfillment of a Dream."

I’m very happy to announce that next month one of my short stories will be published in First Edition Magazine #10.

This represents the culmination of three years of trying to get my fiction published either in print or on the internet. It fulfils the dream that I referred to in this post as the only life dream I had. I could not be happier with the magazine that finally accepted my work: First Edition is one of the few printed fiction magazines in distribution in the UK and is the second magazine listed in my guide to short fiction publications.

The story itself is the first one I wrote after an extended period of not writing fiction. During my third year of university I couldn’t find the time to indulge my hobby but immediately after my dissertation and my exams were finished, I started writing again: over the summer I produced 4 short stories and 2 pieces of ‘flash fiction’ of varying quality. The story that is getting published is actually the one I’m most proud of (even though I could never find the perfect title for it: the one I settled on feels somewhat disingenuous). The story is a conscious attempt to write in the style of Jorge Luis Borges and one of the characters is named for Italo Calvino.

First Edition #10 will be published mid-November and is available from specialist stockists like Borders and Waterstones or can be purchased online.