Friday, 13 March 2009

"Cramer vs. Stewart"

Jon Stewart of The Daily Show has been having a week-long contest with MSNBC and somehow Jim Cramer, one of that network's financial analysts, became MSNBC's figurehead. This interview is one of Stewart's best ever and I would advise you to watch the unedited version. The first 30 seconds or so of Part 3 are wonderful as Jon breaks from his comedic routine for just a moment and you see a glimpse of the frustration he feels at the economic system in America and in particular how the media treat it. For just a second you can see how angry it makes him to be one of the only ‘news’ anchors in America with real integrity. For just a second Jon Stewart shows the frustration at the economists and financial experts that we all should be feeling.

I am so glad that The Daily Show keeps broadcasting with its calm intelligence but I’m so upset that it should have to.

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