Monday, 16 February 2009

"A stapler..."

This morning I saw an advert for the new Rexel Gazelle stapler and became profoundly depressed. The ad, proudly taking up one full side of a van, boasted of the Gazelle’s “innovative” qualities. The Gazelle comes with its own G-Pod docking station and, perhaps most importantly, has an innovative staple level indicator, allowing office workers to quickly see how many staples are left in their beloved device.

Is this it, humanity? Is this what we’re doing now? Has our mighty civilisation reached a point where it has become too much of a chore to lift the spring-loaded mechanism on a standard stapler to actually look at the amount of staples remaining therein? Are we all in so much of a hurry that not a single second may be wasted in our attaching-papers-together endeavours? Can we no longer afford ourselves five seconds to flip open a stapler? Since we can no longer idly waste time when fixing pieces of paper together, I guess we can no longer waste time strolling through a park or reading a bad novel or talking to a stranger or (dare I suggest it) thinking.

Apparently the Rexel Gazelle ‘Stapler System’ was shortlisted for an Australian International Design Award 2006. An award. For a stapler. An ‘innovative’ stapler.

This is the world we live in.

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