Saturday, 29 March 2008

"They never just review 'Guitar Hero' or 'Katamari'..."

I really can’t afford to keep getting angry every time someone moves themselves into the media spotlight by decrying the violence of video games: it’s bad for my blood pressure and stress levels. I’ve written about it before and I have no inclination to repeat myself again. It’s just that bad arguments and fallacious reasoning anger me, particularly because I know some people will believe it.

Anyway I felt like linking to this “chilling verdict” of Anne Diamond simply because it has without a doubt the worst Photoshop job I have ever seen. I don’t even understand it: I can only assume that Anne, in her hatred of the violent video games in question, couldn’t stand to have them touch her own innocent flesh and so they got a stand-in to hold the games then pasted Anne’s upper body over it.

It looks like Anne has had a horrendous accident involving a copy of ‘Dead Rising’.

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