Tuesday, 8 January 2008

"How would the film end anyway?"

This sickens me.

Apparently, as of the 30th October 2007, £1,095,000 ($2,157,478.50) had been given to the Madeleine Fund. UNICEF is able to feed a starving person for 50 cents a day. This means that had that money not been given towards finding one little middle-class white girl, 4,314,957 people could have had something to eat for one day. Since $320,000 can keep 10 people who would otherwise starve to death alive for 40 years, the money that has been spent on Madeleine McCann could have saved at the very least 60 people’s lives. Maybe it's easier to empathise with a little British girl than a crowd of emaciated Third-World children.

It’s a bloody disgrace that a. this money is “rapidly running out” or rather has been wasted, b. the money was given in the first place, and c. she hasn’t been ‘missing’ a year and the parents already want a book/movie deal.

This whole sordid affair is sick and the McCanns have gone from being negligent parents to outright manipulators of the British public's all-too-emotional response.

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